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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Elizabeth Hartline's Saltbox

Happy Wednesday and Happy Groundhog's Day, ya'll and welcome. 

Six more weeks of winter according to Punxsutawny Phil; the little charming guy saw his shadow.  The closest city to me used to have Chuck the Groundhog who was the great predictor of weather, but after his  unexpected passing , Luna the hedgehog took on the job . I'm not sure if there is a new Chuck or not. Lol. 

 I have still been hustling and bustling around the house. Deep cleaning and redecorating. 


My heart is leaping with joy as I pull out the "reds" and "pinks".  

The sweet antique quilt heart was a gift from my dear friend, Patricia. It will stay out year round. I love it so much!!

Today I plan to listen to the pitter patter of the rain as I clean on one of the bedrooms and then hopefully retire to some stitching time. 

Today I wanted to share with you my Elizabeth Hartline's Saltbox.

Elizabeth Hartline's Saltbox is nestled in a darling tobacco basket ornament gifted to me by sweet Shelly. 

 It is named after my great great grandmother whom I know very little about.  I like to think of her as being a strong , but sweet woman who raised a large family .  I do know that Elizabeth  had heartaches with the loss of her mother who was accidentally  kicked in the head by a mule .

I  have to say that Elizabeth has  a fabulous green thumb . Look at those roses!!!  

Elizabeth Hartline is sitting in a little tobacco basket ornament gifted to me from my sweet friend, Shelly. Isn't it cute?

If you are interested in stitching Elizabeth Hartline's Saltbox, check out the links below. You certainly would not have to stitch the house in pink if you are not a pink girl. 

Click here for Instruction page. 

Click here for Colored Chart. 

Click here for Black/ White Chart. 

 If you have missed any of the other saltboxes, just click on the names below and you will be whisked back to a previous posts for your reading pleasure, and you will also find links to the charts there as well. 

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Well I am tickled pink that you stopped by for a Hump Day visit.

 Now before you leave if you want to grab that pink little duster , with your help  I can finish this cleaning in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Lol. And then let the stitching begin!!!!


Have an amazing day, my sweetie pies. As always...

Happy stitching, 


Some things really do not matter like the color of a house. But lifting someone's spirits that is what really matters. -Secret Life of Bees

Hugs and Stitches!!!!

Dedicated to my sweet sister, Amy who could grow some large rose bushes herself. Miss and love you. 


  1. I recently discover your blog and I love it !
    You have so many beautiful stitching finishes.
    I want to stitch ALL your Saltboxes, they are lovely. Thank you for sharing all the patterns.

  2. Oh, Melisa, can you hear me squiling all the way from Arizona?? Such a sweet pink house with roses, what could be better for a February day of stitching? As usually this is my favorite after the 16 other favorite Saltbox houses, LOL. Each and every one has something special that just needs to be stitched. Thank you so many times for your talent and generous heart. Many hugs and much love from Arizona.

  3. Thank you again for another adorable pattern. I am enjoying stitching some of your February patterns.

  4. I'm loving your blog, you must have a great sense of humor. That Housewives list is hilarious, you get cleaned up,dressed, makeup on before you clean house. That goes over like a lead ballon.

  5. Quelle belle maison! Et tous ces coussinets forment un bel ensemble!!

  6. Is it possible you have the wrong name for 776? I think it should be Medium Pink.


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