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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Round and Round We Go

 The  last Saturday of the month!  How did this happen so soon? Goodness , how January has flown by! Don't you think?  

Happy Saturday, ya'll and welcome.  I am awful late posting today . The grandbabies finished out the basketball season today and of course, Mr. Pinker and I went to enjoy their games.  In few short months baseball season will begin. 

I have been going around around with lots of scraps and bits of blues this week, but today I only wanted to share one thing- a small quilt.   

Joy at The Joyful Quilter is hosting her monthly Tablescraps Challenge. This month we were to try to use scraps and incorporate the color blue and somehow use the letters "R" , "C" or "J". I think my  "Roly Poly Snowmen" fits the bill  .

I used the letters "R" and "C" - Round snowmen with carrot noses. 

 My snowmen are made of 6 inch wonky Snowball blocks. I used scraps from the scrap bin and 1 snowman fat quarter for the border. 

This is a short  and sweet post.  I am so grateful you popped in for a visit. 
Have an fabulous afternoon, yall and ...

 As Always...

Happy quilting and stitching, ya'll


There are far far better things ahead than any that we leave behind. - C. S. Lewis

Hugs and Stitches  !!!๐Ÿค—❤๐Ÿงต

Dedicated to my dear sister, Amy  w . Love and miss you., Amo ❤❤

 I am joining these lovely ladies' link parties. I hope you check them out; they always have so many wonderful projects going on and provide the opportunity for other needleworkers to meet. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

This And That Thursday -And A Valentine Freebie

Good morning, sweetie pies!!!!  Rise and Shine for it is a beeeaaautiful day !!!!!!!  Come on let's hit the ground running!!! ๐Ÿƒ

Yesterday  was a busy day  with a "little bit of this and little bit of that" going on.  Mr. Pinker was out of town working so after my daily visit to my mom's and the cemetery ,I had a play day with lots of scraps- mostly strips of  dreamy, yummy, luscious reds.  Can you tell that red is one of my favorite colors? ๐Ÿ˜€❤❤


In February , Joan at Moosestash Quilting is  hosting I'm Kinda Sweet on You Blog Hop.  

My day to present a project is on February 23rd so I knew I better  get to work before that date sneaks up on me .  Here's a sneak peek of what I am working on. 

I pulled out a stack of red fabrics to finish up my little quilt for the blog hop, but you will have to wait to see the whole thing. ๐Ÿ˜€❤๐Ÿ“.  But I will give you a hint- It is going to be berry cute! 

And from this stack, I cut extra reds for my Wild Wild Rose quilt that is in progress ;  I showed you that quilt last week. 

More crazy rose blocks are in the works. I just need 5 more  to have a total of 20 .

Later  in the day, I took a few of the 2" strips and whipped up a small mini quilt to drape on the table or a  shelf. It will be in a hoop for some hand quilting  very soon. 

 I used 16  - 2" x 5 1/2" red strips
1- 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" white strip
2  - 3 1/2" x 12 1/2" white strips for outer side borders
2 - 3 1/2 x 17 1/2"  white strips for top and bottom borders

An easy peasey quilt , and it makes me feel like I accomplished something for the day. ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ

To round out my quilting for the day, I attached binding to a small quilt. 

 I have high hopes to finish the binding today  while I wait for the grandbabies to return home from school. 

Eeeh! I almost forgot, I finished a cross stitch too. 

This is "Filled With Love"- a very simple quick stitch which would look lovely in a dough bowl or tucked in a tiered tray. 

I hope to find some pink or  red trim to add to it later.  It would have looked darling pieced with red or pink fabrics and bit of lace as well.  Oh ,how the finishing ideas flow once that I have completed the project  Lol. 

If you are interested in stitching Filled With Love  ,grab the images below. Many of ya'll know but I always encourage you to read my little disclaimer and note about getting my charts. 

NOTE: Normally I have been able to create links to the charts and instructions which were in JPG form. For some reason, recent updates on Google Docs. has prevented me from doing that and I am not able to create a pdf without having to deal with storage issues.  Many dear stitchers say they right click, save the image and then print.  I think some have copied and pasted it to a Word document that they can print off as well. I hope you are able to find a way to enjoy this chart. You will have to click each page to save. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and for all of the helpful tips and ideas. 

I stitch my little designs for fun and to decorate my home. I feel very blessed by this community and love sharing my little charts, but I am not a professional designer. And I do not have professional software. Thank you for understanding . I am always grateful for your kind encouragement , your visits, and for stitching my little designs.

Well my dears, not a lot of excitement here in the holler , but  I am still bustling about with a bit of this and that. I hope your day is a superb!!!! 

As always...

Happy quilting and stitching, ya'll


To be successful you have to be out there ; you have to  hit the ground running. - Richard Branson

Hugs and Stitches and Warm Winter Wishes !!!๐Ÿค—❤๐Ÿงต

Dedicated to my dear sister, Amy who always hit the day running especially on Thursdays which was her day off from work   . Love and miss you so much . Amo ❤❤

Ya'll come back now, ya hear ! 

I am joining these lovely ladies' link parties. I hope you check them out; they always have so many wonderful projects going on and provide the opportunity for other needleworkers to meet. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wordless Wednesday Winter on the Farm

 Hello there sweet friends ! It's another beautiful winter day and today we are at the farm for a Not So Wordless Wednesday post.  So put on your work boots and jacket and let's head down to the barn for we have a barn full of the sweetest piglets  that need tending and of course there is other "goings on" at the farm as well.   I hope you enjoy . 

The gals who always like to see what is going on !

I appreciate the sweet Wednesday visit. 

Happy  Stitching and Quilting, ya'll


Thank you for the sweet visit. 

There is peace and tranquility that can be found in the country. 

Hugs and Stitches!!!!๐Ÿค—๐Ÿงต❤

Dedicated to my baby sister , Amy who was a country girl through and through.  Love and miss you, Amo. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Winter on the Farm- Snowman Hutch Tour

Good afternoon, ya'll.  Put on your toboggan and grab you a cup of hot  cocoa for today is another episode of Pinker n' Punkins Country Clutter  a - Winter  episode. ๐Ÿ˜€

My hutch is overflowing with snowmen and stitching and the theme is "Winter on the Farm."   Every nook and cranny is filled to the brim  with stitchy goodness and  farm yard pickins' .

 You wanta take a peek. 

The top of  my hutch never changes. I have 2 Coca Cola wooden crates and a Campbells Soup tin where I store seasonal plates.  The bottom of my hutch is where I store my Christmas plates. 

The The top shelf is filled with stitching and embroidery. 

I embroidered the little "Winter's Clothing" years ago and mounted it on foam board. The backing fabric is an old sweater as is the bow. I then mounted it on a Dollar Tree tin tray.  

The 123 Snow embroidery was an attempt to use up scraps of fabric. It is even stuffed with wee bits of fabric that was too small to include in a quilt.  I just placed it into an old jello mold.

 Beside it is A Christmas Flock- Barnyard Christmas  which did not look too Christmassy so it stayed out . 

 I pulled out an old wooden sled that I had bought unpainted from Walmart over 20 years ago and painted it yellow and black. On top of it  is a free stitch called "Winter "by  Balades et broderies par Camela . It is  available on her blog in the Jan. 20, 2013 post. I finished it on a Dollar Tree large wooden unfinished tag that I painted with chalkboard paint. 

I was able to squeeze in a chicken salt shaker and a wooden barn onto that little sled. 

 In the corner is Hands on Designs "Year in Chalk- January" .

A blizzard of snowmen had arrived on the 2nd shelf as well.  Whooa! That's a lot of stuff - isn't it? And I know it is not for everyone, but oh, how it makes my heart sing. 

Do you remember the large popcorn bowl that I bought on a recent thrift haul. Well. I turned it backwards and added a crocheted dish cloth gifted to me from dear Patricia. I then stuffed  in my large ceramic chicken that I bought on the World's Longest Yard Sale last August.  The bowl has a Pioneer Woman creamer in it , a Dollar General sign and the cutest corn cob snowman. I do need to make some more of them come summer time when I can easily get a lot of corn cobs. 

The corn cob snowman has cloves for eyes and mouth. 

Country Cottage Needleworks' "Snowmen Trio.  "is next to the soft stuffed snowman on a sled. Behind ole Snowman Softie is Frosty Stamp which I finished on a Dollar General easel frame a couple of years ago. 

The "Got Snow" embroidery pin pillow is stuffed in an old mason jar lid and next to it is my vintage juicer. I did not add a bowl to it this year, I just placed WINTER HAUL  on the juicer  along with a bottle brush tree. The little salt and pepper shakers scattered throughout stay on my hutch year round for they were gifts from my dear sis. 

Now here we go slip sliding down to the bottom shelf. 

Snowflake Sledding and Chickens  which was finished on thrifted wooden box sits in the corner along with a family of prom snowmen.  On top is a creamer with a chicken and a darling snowflake snowman gifted to me from dear Robin. 

 Prim Winter which I finished on a Dollar General wooden tag is hanging from the old enamelware tea kettle that I bought on the thrifting trip that I shared with you last month.  I added a little doiley and plopped a snowman inside the kettle with the promise to him that I would not bring him to a boil ⛄๐Ÿคฃ.   I think he looks quite content. Don't you?

I am in love with Notforgotten Farms' Snow Pants. This design was gifted to me last year from dear Patrica. He certainly makes me smile. 

My vintage scale is topped with bowls overflowing with  eggs , rag snowballs  made from a shirt and bits of greenery.  In the cow creamer is a wee quilt made from a recent quick stitch called LET IT SNOW

Finally,  a small quilt is draped off the edge of the hutch. 

Are your eyes crossed? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคช Lol That was a whole lot to take in in a small space wasn't it? But I do have to say that I have enjoyed my winter hutch theme this year. 
 Soon all of this will be coming down and Valentines will be going up.

I appreciate ya'll taking the time to stop by for a visit .   The weatherman says there is a slight chance of snow on Thursday. Fingers crossed that we might see a flake or two. Have a wonderful evening, yall and...

As always...

Happy quilting and stitching, ya'll


SNOW DAY- A day when no farms are closed and farmers and ranchers work through cold winds and heavy snow to tend to their land and livestock. 

Hugs and Stitches and Warm Winter Wishes !!!๐Ÿค—❤๐Ÿงต

Dedicated to my dear sister, Amy   . Love and miss you., Amo ❤❤

Ya'll come back now, ya hear ! 

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