Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Miss Emma Jean

Hello, dear friends. Welcome! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my latest thrifty find. 

 Last week hubby and I got to go on a little camping trip. During the days, we  spent our time  thrift store shopping, and boy did I find some thrifty treasures. But the one that I wanted to share with you is this sweet quilt.

 When I go thrifting, I always make a bee line straight to the linens in hopes of finding a quilt , pieces of embroidery, crocheted items or aprons. Of course the linens are always in the back . As I made my way through the store , I checked out the prices and yikes😜 they were a little pricey . Hubby soon turned around and went back to the truck - to high for him too. ( We like anything between the quarter to  $5.00 range- lol Now you know I am a cheapskate.πŸ˜ƒ)   Well anywhoo, I was rounding the aisle, when, I saw it! A little purple quilt . I sprinted over just knowing it was going to be pricey too ( This store was asking like $200.00 for thrifted items- that is antique store prices - not thrift store prices).  I could not believe my eyes ! $4.98 . "You are mine!"  I silently screamed in glee! 


After scanning the racks for my treasures which I found none, I paid and skipped out of the store exhilarated by my find. I got in the truck and looked over this beauty that I had purchased. It had teeny hand stitching. 

So beautiful! I turned it over and saw that it was signed - " Emma Jean  2001". The name of the quilt is "Nine Patch"  Oh how exciting, but then I felt a bit sad.  How did Miss Emma's quilt find its way to the thrift store?  


I looked on the internet immediately and found Miss Emma Jean. She had passed away just 2 weeks ago and already her hand made quilt had made its way to the thrift store.  I read her obituary in  interest and  with an aching heart .

 I learned that Miss Emma Jean was born in 1928 in Alabama and worked for many years in the banking industry. She had a love for gardening,  quilting, and baking. She particularly had a fondness for sour dough bread. Just looking at the colors in this quilt I could tell her love for flowers and gardening.  She completed this quilt when she was 73- just 20 years ago. 


Learning all of this made this quilt mean even more to me. Miss Emma and I enjoyed a lot of the same things and though I didn't personally know her, I felt a connection to Miss Emma.  This little quilt  has found its forever home with me. 


I already have it displayed in the foyer hanging from a pip berry wreath on the door. 

 I plan to make a tag and add Miss Emma Jean's history onto the quilt as well how I obtained it.  So in memory of Miss Emma, I wanted to share a couple of flowers from my garden that reminded me of her quilt. 


My favorite flowers to grow are zinnias. I can imagine Miss Emma Jean puttering around the garden as I do. I am sure her garden looked a  lot better than mine does now. Lol. 

Thank you so much for the sweet visit and allowing me to share this little story with you. Have a very blessed day and as always...

 Happy quilting and Stitching, ya'll


We do not remember days; we remember memories. 

Hugs and Stitches!  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Edna Viola's Saltbox- Happy Tomato Tuesday

Good morning, happy Tomato Tuesday, ya'll. I have to admit our tomato vines are not doing great. I have gotten one tomato so far, but there are lots of green ones; I am hoping they will ripen soon. 

  Yesterday, I worked on finishing this new little salt box into a pillow.

 My village of saltboxes are growing, and I am still obsessed with stitching them. I hope I do not need an intervention . πŸ˜† 

I have been dreaming of a sewing themed saltbox for awhile and finally decided to stitch one up. Let me introduce " Edna Viola's Saltbox". 

Little spools of thread flank each side of the house ,and one has a tomato vine which is full of teeny maters. I had to add a teeny crow only because it is one of my favorite birds, but it could easily be left off.   The other spool of thread has a pair of scissors ready for use to snip threads or cut fabrics.  (Oh, don't get me going on my scissor obsession. Lol). A big tomato pincushion is at the bottom. 

 This one is named after my grandmother who was a doll maker. She had a humble sewing room which was the spare bedroom ( She called it the junk room, but I thought is was a magical place. ) Her sewing machine sat on a little dresser and she would create beautiful Raggedy Anns ,and Andys. I always loved peeking in just to see what precious little dolls might be coming my way. I always marveled at the pretty calicoes and crisp white cotton fabrics that would be used for Annie's apron and bloomers. Such sweet memories.  

This is a small with a design size of 60 x 60 ; on 14 count aida that would measure about 4 1/4" x 4 1/4". I used 11 floss colors - all DMC. They include 3371, 816, 838, 3345, 3346, 783 310, 798, 931, 535, 738. 

 If you would like to stitch this little saltbox , please check out the little pdfs below. 

Many of you know , but I always like to leave this little disclaimer.  

I stitch my little designs for fun and to decorate my home. I feel very blessed by this community and love sharing my little charts, but I am not a professional designer. And I do not have professional software. Thank you for understanding that I  have to put each page on separate pdf downloads because of the devices I use. I apologize for that.  And I am always grateful for your kind encouragement , your visits, and stitching my little designs. 

Click here for the instruction page.

Click here for the colored chart. 

Click here for the black and white chart. 

I think this would look great with the little pincushion called, Needle and Thread that I shared on Sunday. 


 Another Tomato freebie I have shared is  Tommy Toe Snatcher

If you have not  seen my other saltboxes or homes, I invite you to visit them in a previous post. Just click on the names and you will be directed right back to the post. 

They include   Crow Creek SaltboxOphelia Manor on Punkin Holler Lane ,  Willowisp Manor of Holler Lane  ,  Turkey Creek Manor ,  Winter Saltbox  , and Dorothy Mae's Spring House   ,  Spring Green Saltbox  ,  Katie Anne's Saltbox , Sarah Jane's 1776 Saltbox , Aunt Bea's Summer Home  , and Christmas Eve Saltbox   .

Well I am off to the Quilt Nest to do a little piecing - a little blue quilt is calling.  No Tuesday thrift store visits this week, but look out next week ! Lol. Here I come! Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting me today.  As always...

Happy stitching, ya'll


When I make with my hands, I give with my heart.

Hugs and Stitches! 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Happy Needle to Thread Day and a Little Freebie !

 Good morning and "Happy Thread the Needle Day" . Oh what a grand day to celebrate with some slow stitching!  So what do you have on the agenda? Something fun I hope. 

This little quilt is going into the hoop today for some hand quilting.  I pieced this quilt last week but did not get a chance to quilt on it.


And this little fall cross stitch project is going to be my cross stitch project today. I shared it yesterday on IG ,but I  hope to have it completed here soon. 

Hubby and I went on an impromptu camping trip this past week. It had been rainy earlier this week,  and we had our own personal pond behind the camper.πŸ˜† .

 I was a bit surprised we were put in this spot, but three sweet ducks entertained us daily with their antics. 

We did a little kayaking  in the tributary to the Tennessee River. 


The current on the the main river was pretty strong. 

 I  enjoyed bird watching and saw a few birdies as I floated along. Hubby of course fished. 


 I got a kick out of these ole' gals. They did not want to be disturbed at all.  

 Not much quilting or stitching took place, but the day before we left,  I pieced this little humble quilt. I saw a similar one on Lori Brechlin's  Notforgotten Farms blog. 

 I think it would be cute on a table or draped from a basket. Paxton likes the quilt and would like to snuggle with it in his rocker.


 Or it could take a ride in my patriotic truck.

 I believe I will make a blue one here soon. 

In celebration of Needle to Thread Day I would love to share this little stitch with you.  I stitched it up in a couple of hours.


 A simple pincushion sits on a spool of thread, and of course there is a needle and a pair of scissors. 

I finished it into a teeny pin pillow and used a bit of beautiful vintage lace, gifted to me recently by my dear friend, Pat . Thank you, Miss Pat. It was just the right touch for this piece. 

 If you would like to stitch it , I invite you to check out the little charts below. 

Many of you know , but I always like to leave this little disclaimer.  

I stitch my little designs for fun and to decorate my home. I feel very blessed by this community and love sharing my little charts, but I am not a professional designer. And I do not have professional software. Thank you for understanding that I  have to put each page on separate pdf downloads because of the devices I use. I apologize for that.  And I am always grateful for your kind encouragement , your visits, and stitching my little designs. 

Click here for the instruction page. 

Click here for the charts. 

Before you leave, I want to tell you how delighted I am that you stopped by for a Sunday visit. You know I love visitors and our little chats. Remember I would love to see your stitches and projects. You can always tag me on Instagram and use #pinkernpunkinquilting or Direct Message or Email me.  Have a blessed day, my sweet friends and keep those needles busy. As always...
Happy stitching, ya'll

I am joining these lovely ladies' link parties. I hope you check them out; they always have so many wonderful projects going on and provide the opportunity for other needle workers to meet.  

      Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday

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Beth at Love Laugh Quilt  for Monday Making
Judy at Small Quilts Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday
Lynette at What a Hoot! for BOMs Away Monday

I can not count my day complete , till needle, thread and fabric meet. 

Hugs and Stitches!


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Christmas Past- Past Christmas Freebies

Good morning, ya'll . Can  you believe July is coming to an end in a little over a week? This year is flying by. It is only 156 more days till Christmas, and I have been seeing so many beautiful Christmas ornaments and designs being stitched on blogs and on IG. So I thought it would be fun to look back at a year of Christmas stitching that I have completed. This includes the Barnyard Christmas designs and the Prim Winter series. There are a lot of photos and links to the previous posts for your visiting pleasure if you so choose. I hope this gets in you in the Christmas mood . πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ…

 Chicken Sled 

  Santa's Ride , 

 Special Delivery , 

Christmas Barn

Christmas Bucket,

 Christmas Tractor , 

Santa on the Farm,  

Mrs. Claus on the Farm ,

 The Stockings Were Hung 


   Santa's Visit  ,  

Hanging the Star .   

, Skiing on the Farm ,

  Farm Truck  ,

 Baking on the Farm ,

 and Christmas Goat .

Prim Winter Home, Prim Winter Peace  , Prim Winter Faith ,  or Prim Winter Joy  

A Cup of Christmas Cheer- Santa Mug 

Santa  Stamp

Frosty Stamp

Snowflake Sledding and Chickens 

Winter Saltbox  and Prim Winter Tag 

Mooey Christmas 

Christmas Eve Saltbox

Well that was a lot of stitching. I can not wait to put up my Christmas tree come November. Thank you so much for the sweet visit and as always...

Happy stitching, ya'll


The magic of Christmas never ends, and the greatest gifts are family and friends. 

Hugs and Stitches!

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