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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Frosty McChill Block 11 - Play Time

Happy, Happy Thursday, ya'll and welcome. You know what today is - "Redwork Thursday"!❤❤😀

 Since Thursdays are my babysitting day, I dedicate stolen moments to embroidery work. Otherwise, I am enjoying every minute with my grandbabies. 🧒🧒

We are down to block 11 ; one more to go. Frosty is enjoying a little "Play Time" in this  block. Playing with his shovel and forming the perfect snowballs to toss. 

INSTRUCTION TIME !   Now remember , I am no expert, but am just sharing how I embroider mine. Please prepare your fabric, embroider in whatever manner that  makes you happy. The number one rule is to always have FUN FUN FUN!!!  


1. Cut your fabric to 8 1/2 "x 11 1/2" . This will  be trimmed later.  

2.  Place the pattern between a light box or a window and center the design as best as possible. Trace the design onto your fabric using your favorite transfer fabric pen or pencil . 

3. Embroider the design .  I used a back stitch using 2 strands of DMC 498  on most of the design. A stem stitch would look  quite lovely if you prefer.  I used 1 strand of 498 for the details in the snowman's face.   

4. On the snowflakes , I used a French Knot at the end of 4 of the points . You do not have to include the French Knot or you may want to add a teeny bead at each point . How cute would that be!!!

5. Press and trim to block size 7 1/2 x 10 1/2".

Click here for Block 11

Ya'll all know Rae Rae , the birdie in the Frosty quilt.

Rae Rae was a gift from my grandbaby. 

 Well, she has joined me in the sewing room today. I have been cutting a few strips of fabric.


 I think I will do a simple finish like I did with  my "Coopie the Snowman " quilt. 

This is my favorite winter quilt that I completed a few years ago . It is named after my nephew who would sit on my lap as I drew snowman coloring pages for him. He would tell me what the snowman should be doing . I transferred those coloring pages in to this quilt. These were a little more elaborate to draw than Frosty.

 I took Coopie out to the farm for a few photos. 

On the fence. 

The cows thought I was crazy .

 So did Elvis. He looks sorta annoyed. 

Then photos on the gate.  A little bit windy.  


If you have missed any of the previous blocks , just click on the names and you will be transported back to the posts. 

They include: Let it Snow"  and " Sled Time , The Tree March  and "Just a Sweeping!!!" , Chasing Snowflakes" , " Learning to Ski " , Mittens for Sale ,   Blown Away ,   Snowball Hunt and The March

The weatherman is calling for a chance of snow Saturday or Sunday depending on which direction the front moves in . Fingers crossed. Yesterday it was in the 50's a great day to be outside. We will see what the weekend brings. Have a fabulous day, my friends and thank you so much for the sweet visit. As always...
Happy stitching and quilting, ya'll
Snow brings out the child in me. 
Warm Wishes and Snowman Kisses!!!
Hugs and Stitches!!!
Dedicated to my baby sister, Amy who always loved building a good snowman even if it was a little one. 


  1. About to head to bed and decided to check for block 11. WooHoo!!! I'll download and trace it sometime tomorrow. I've been keeping up and can't believe number 12 is coming up next week. It's been a fun journey with stitching. I wish you could find the patterns for "Coopie" that you stitched with black floss. I love that quilt.

  2. Coopie is a lovely quilt and wonderful memories. Elvis does not look impressed at all! The snowmen blocks look fabulous together. The forecast for us is between 4 and 8 inches of snow on Sunday.

  3. Frosty is looking good. Wow on the 11th block! Coopie is a darling quilt. I can see why it is a favorite.

  4. Love all the snowmen!!!! You have a beautiful place to photograph your quilts!

  5. I just LOVE that black and white quilt. Love the simple finish. I used to embroider years ago, maybe I should give it a go!! Love your posts and inspiration.

  6. I don't know how you do it. With each block I have said, this one is my favorite. I haven't started stitching them yet. I have a cross stitch I promised myself I would complete first, and I am a very slow stitcher. I am very much looking forward to my time with all these snow folks!!

  7. Give Elvis a pat and a carrot from me!

  8. I have finally caught up with my reading of your blog, so many sweet and wonderful and entertaining posts! In Love with the Mr. McChill and Rae Rae antics, they are turning out so cute. You know Melisa, I have that same burglar in my neighborhood!! He is always moving my things around and hiding stuff exactly where I left them but forgot! How can I misplace anything in my 900 sq. ft. house??? We are finally having some nice weather, sunny and in the low 70's, still chilly 40's at 5am when I take my morning walk, but it is good. Sending many warm hugs and smiles with love your way from Arizona.

  9. Frosty #11 is so cute! I'm stitching block 8, and enjoying every minute! Love your Rae Rae, too. Thanks, Melisa!

  10. Elvis was just wondering when you were going to put him on quilt! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.

  11. Très jolie cette courtepointe,merci pour ces jolis blocs !

  12. I am always so excited to see your posts and the cute things you have to share. Thank you so much for all you inspire me to do! Expecting snow this weekend as well in MO. More sewing time! Have a great weekend!

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