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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Frosty McChill Block 5 "Chasing Snowflakes" and Mr. Chill freebie

Good morning, Winter Sunshine! Do you "Got Snow?"

Nah! No snow here. It is still too warm for that, but I am dreaming of a December snow with a big dollop of snow cream on top. 

So how are you doing on this beautiful Thursday?  I hope your day is off to the most spectacular start. 

Frosty Stamp


Mr. Pinker and I will pick up the grandbabies and take them to school . The wee one who I call "Itty Bitty Angel"  is only there for a few hours,  and then he is home for playtime with "Mae Mae" . ( That is what the grandbabies call me.) My oldest grandbaby whom I call "Angel " will be home soon there after. Then off to the woods we will go in search of slimy salamanders and  other  critters that are brave enough to peek out of their  hiding place  to  take a gander at two  roaming inquisitive youngins in search of animals and adventure .   

In my spare time, I am going to be working on some embroidery work, and it is going to be another Frosty McChill block.  I tell, ya'll, I am plumb tickled pink to share this block. 


 In fact, this is my favorite block so far. It is called "Chasing Snowflakes".  Oh! Frosty is too stinkin' cute ; well at least in my eyes. 


 Did you notice that he is sporting a pair of ice skates as he tries to nab a few snowflakes? 


Blocks shared so far are Let it Snow"  and " Sled Time  " and ...

The Tree March  and "Just a Sweeping!!!


INSTRUCTION TIME !   Now remember , I am no expert, but am just sharing how I embroider mine. Please prepare your fabric, embroider in whatever manner that  makes you happy. The number one rule is to always have FUN FUN FUN!!!  


1. Cut your fabric to 8 1/2 "x 11 1/2" . This will  be trimmed later.  

2.  Place the pattern between a light box or a window and center the design as best as possible. Trace the design onto your fabric using your favorite transfer fabric pen or pencil . 

3. Embroider the design .  I used a back stitch using 2 strands of DMC 498  on most of the design. A stem stitch would look  quite lovely if you prefer.  I used 1 strand of 498 for the details in the snowman's face.   

4. On the snowflakes , I used a French Knot at the end of 4 of the points . You do not have to include the French Knot or you may want to add a teeny bead at each point . How cute would that be!!!

5. Press and trim to block size 7 1/2 x 10 1/2".

          hand drawn snowflake illustration

Are you ready to snatch this little design? Well go ahead and just click the link below . Now pull out your needle, thread and fabric and let's go to town!!! 

Click here for embroidery pattern.

Before you leave, I would like to share with you another snowguy, but this one is a cross stitched one. Mr. Chill. Now I haven't stitched him yet. I usually like to stitch  my little designs and make adjustments as I go. I hope you do not mind if I share him before that process. Since I haven't stitched him, the colors are just suggestions or ideas that I had . They may change when I begin Mr. Chill so I highly suggest to do a floss toss and use the flosses that strike your fancy.  When I get him stitched, I will definitely share photos here. I'm dreaming of a round finish. Any whooo. Let me introduce you to  Mr. Chill. I think he will be a precious little stitch. 
(UPDATE : As I started to stitch Mr. Chill, I realized that I need to change the floss color of the band in his hat from 930 to 931 - so it will show up better.  I'll keep you updated as I stitch him) 

Click here for the Instruction page. 

OOOPS! / CORRECTION -On the instruction page , I made a mistake . I said that I stitched the Pine needles with 1 strand of 3344. I meant DMC 3345. 

Click here for Colored Chart.

Click here for Black/ White chart. 

Thank you so much , my dear sweet friends for popping in for a visit today. You made my day . Oh , by the way I am loving seeing your Frosty's that are being posted !!!💙💙💙☃❄⛄
Happy stitching, ya'll
Happiness is catching snowflakes with your tongue. 

Hugs and Stitches!!!
Warm wishes and Snowman kisses, 

Dedicated to my sweet Baby sister, Amy. Amy loved a good ole' snow just as much as I do. I hope you are chasing snowflakes in heaven, Amo.  Love ya,!


  1. Melisa!!!!! Oh my goodness he is so stinkin' adorable. He's downloaded and printed; tomorrow I will trace him and the stitching will begin. I've had so much fun stitching the Frosty McChill blocks. Thank you again for sharing your talent.

  2. Buenos dias Melisa desde España, guardo en mi carpeta todos los graficos de punto de cruz, ahora estoy bordando el del arbol grande, me gustan muchos tus graficos, son pequeños y muy bonitos, muchas gracias por compartir tu talento como diseñadora

  3. They're all lovely designs, Melissa. Mae Mae is such a sweet name. 🥰

  4. The newest snowman is adorable!! Enjoy your grandkids!

  5. Have fun with the grands! I have a 5 year old all day today, the 9 year old will come after school. I have a fresh baked apple cake for snack this afternoon. Enjoy your ramble, happy stitching!

  6. I just discovered your blog and enjoying your patterns. I just downloaded the snowman x stitch. Loving the red work too. I love the small projects as I’m in my 60s and don’t need large ornaments or decorations. These small stitcheries satisfy my need to ‘ make’. Thank you and enjoy those little ones!

  7. Have fun salamander hunting, Melisa! Cute snowman embroidery and Mr. Chill is adorable as well!

  8. I love snowmen and these are adorable! ! !

  9. Your snowmen designs are darling, Melisa! I imagine you're having a great day with your grandkids--you are so blessed to have them nearby. Enjoy! ♥

  10. It's not just in your eyes, I know Chasing Snowflakes is my favorite for sure!! I now have two blocks done, will show them on my blog tomorrow.

  11. Trop mignon ce bonhomme de neige ,merci beaucoup !

  12. Precioso bordados, voy a ver a tus amigas¡¡¡.....

  13. Hi,
    Love all the snowmen...thanks for sharing ...have a great day!


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