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Chicks and Bunnies Easter Hutch Tour

 Good afternoon, Honey Bunnies!  Four more days until Easter! My this month is flying by. Slow down is what I say. How about you?  

Bunnies and Chicks have took up house on my hutch for the Spring season.  You guessed it! It is another Country Clutter post. I am no minimalist which I am sure you can already tell. Any whoo, I would love for you to join me as I share how I decorated the hutch for the season. 

I started out with the Dollar Tree yellow plates and some thrifted white plates . I used these as backdrops . 

I then gathered as many bunnies, chicks and all things yellow as I could find. I wanted a "Sunny Spring" display to brighten up the days. 

I rarely change out the top of the hutch, It usually holds my Campbell's soup tin and Coca Cola crates, but this month I did add the adorable Farm Bureau CO-OP chick sign. 

The top shelf is filled to the brim with bunny and chick  cuteness- Well at least in my eyes. Hee! Hee! πŸ‡πŸ°πŸ€πŸ₯🐣

 Spring was a stitch that I  shared a couple of years ago. It is finished on a thrifted metal tray.  Nestled in the vintage Pyrex bowl is my large thrifted white bunny and big ceramic chick. All of these came from the Goodwill over the years. 

In the corner, is The Trilogy's piece  called " Happy Bunny Bunny Day"; it is still one of my Easter favorites. 

Let's hop down to the bottom shelf. Shall we? 

Normally, With Thy Needle and Thread's "Bunny & Co." hangs on a wreath in the  hall but this year I placed it on the hutch. 

 It is finished in a Walmart tobacco basket purchased a few years ago. Below Bunny & Co. is my  1869 Bunny Hop freebie. It was a super quick stitch and is finished as a pin pillow.  My dear sister gifted me the wooden spoon which has an egg in it and the glass salt and pepper shakers. 

Let's Bunny Hop to the 3rd shelf! Hippety! Hop! Hop! πŸ°πŸ‡πŸ°

White platters were used as a backdrop on this shelf The vintage juicer and scales always stay on the hutch.

I placed a vintage Pyrex bowl on the juicer and added a small chick appliqued pillow and the darling knitted dishcloth that dear Patricia sent me. I just love it.  Hi, Patricia!  In the Hull, pitcher is a thrifted chick and behind it is a darling freebie called  Peter's Day Out  from Lindy's Stitches, that I finished into a little pin pillow .

Little thrifted chicks surround  1869 Spring Chick Crock which was a freebie I shared a couple of years ago. I do have more crock stitches in mind.  I finished 1869 Spring Chick Crock  in a square candle holder that I turned on it's side. 

Beatrice Bunny's Carrot Haul Stamp  is nestled on top of a yellow berry basket. 

I shared Beatrice last year . She has a sister piece called Beatrice Bunny 

Beatrice Bunny  

A darling vintage chicken handkerchief and doily drape along the bottom edge of the hutch.  My sweet friend , Kate, knows my love for chickens and sent me the handkerchief. πŸ€—πŸ₯πŸ” Hi, Kate! 😘

This year I pulled out some of my small old taper candleholders and balanced wooden eggs on them. One such candleholder landed on the hutch. Cute- don't you think? 

The old postal scale holds two small bowls that my sis gifted me. Nestled in the bowls  are more cross stitch pieces, an egg and some old pip berries from a floral arrangement.   Isn't that little vintage plastic bunny the cutest? I bought it a few years ago in East TN at a thrift store. I think is was a bubble blower but I am  not for sure. Do you know?  He sure grabbed this gal's heart though. 

The cross stitch pieces are The Tulip House  and "Spring" which is a freebie from Cosmic Handmade .

Oh my ! Are your eyes crossed from seeing all of that clutter? I sure hope not. 

My newest find is this Cadberry tin. I tried my darndest to squeeze it in but have yet to find a spot for it. Oh, well maybe next year. Hee! Hee! 

If you are interested in previous Easter hutch tour, I invite you to check out the links below. You will see a lot of the same items , but displayed a little different. 

2022 Carrot Pickin Easter Hutch Tour

2021 Sunny Yellow Easter Hutch Tour 

I have to admit that 2022's Carrot Pickin' Hutch is still my favorite hutch for Easter time to this day . 

Mr. Pinker and I are moving campsites tomorrow. Right now Mr. Pinker said I am able to use my phone hot spot to connect to my computer. Wheew! I didn't know I could do that.- I learn something new every day.  This is giving me a little time to blog, but I am not able to comment back yet. I am still worried about data charges. ( I am not very tech savvy either πŸ™„, but I am learning. πŸ˜€)Thank you , Sweet friends for all of the kind comments and always for the sweet visits 

Well I am off to enjoy the evening by the lake. Have a "Hip Hoppity" Day and ...

As always...

 Happy stitching and decorating, ya'll


Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good. Behave yourself and never mind the rest. - Peter Rabbit. 

Hugs and Stitches!!!

Dedicated to my sweet baby sister, Amy. I love and miss you so much! ❤πŸ¦‹❤

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  1. Happy Easter to you from Germany. Wonderful decoration and yes, you are right, yellow brightens the day. It is one of my favorite color. And I have always something yellow in my house. It's like a sunbeam on grey days.
    Greeting, Gabi

  2. Another grand hutch tour! Love it! I hope you're having a wonderful time on your getaway. I have a feeling we'll be in for more pictures - can't wait! Many blessings - safe travels!

  3. Loved the tour Melisa! I'm looking around my house and not finding much yellow - I need to remedy that. ;)

  4. You have so many fun things in your hutch, Melisa! Love all the yellow, and chicks, and bunnies. I'm embroidering some bunnies right now, but I'm saving Betrice Bunny for the next project!

  5. What a bright and cheerful hutch, Melisa! I love the bunnies and chicks and all the other goodies!

  6. Chicks and bunnies on the hutch look fabulous, Melisa. I always enjoy seeing what your hutch looks like each season/each month. Enjoy your adventures!

  7. What a bright and sunny tour! Thank you! It definitely is bunny season!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  8. You have such a flare for creating such adorable displays on your hutch. How amazing to compare this year to previous years and see that each one has a fresh approach. Happy Easter!

  9. What a beautiful Tour of Spring decor Melisa!! I always enjoy your displays, they make me feel happy!
    Happy Easter!

  10. What a glowing, golden show of Spring! That forsythia garland is sooo pretty! And all the baby chicks! The chick handkerchief is a treasure. I hope you are having a grand time and the Mr. is catching enough fish to give at least a couple of fresh fish fries during your trip. Happy Easter!

  11. Orange, blue or yellow...your Easter hutch is always so festive. Happy Easter, Melisa!

  12. Another sweet hutch tour! I kept scrolling back and forth - LOL - the bunnies got crazy dizzy. LOL DarleneJ

  13. These decorations are great!
    The hutch looks fantastic for Easter

  14. I had a chuckle you are not a minimalist! What fantastic decor you have! I love how you show and share your delightful collections. Vintage items are always special to display amongst your lovely hand stitched items. Wow! Enjoy your travels.

  15. Lots of fun yellows and whites. You've definitely captured the holiday vibe with this year's decor. I like your 2023 hutch set up, love all the blues.

  16. I so enjoy your hutch reviews, Melisa!!! Happy Easter!!!

  17. Saludos mi bella amiga. ante todo disculpa si he estado mucho tiempo sin escribirte pero he tenido problemas con mi mascota en casa y llevo dias tratando de curarlo. Tiene 13 aΓ±os y he estado muy triste por ello. me encanta tui estanteria Spring y sobre todo tus bordados y tu bellas cajas de metal antigua, Las amo. Besos y mi cariΓ±o de siempre tu fiel amiga Dianet de Parchesdeamor

  18. Hi Melisa:
    I just wanted you to know I have been thinking about you and missing you!
    I hope all is well! I love your hutch! Hugs!

  19. Such a cute display! Did you make it to TX? Hope you can pop in soon!

  20. Your hutch is gorgeous as always Melisa! xx


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