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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Easter Hutch Tour and a Trifle

Welcome, dear friends. I finally got my Easter hutch all situated just in time for Easter.  I have to admit to you I did drag me feet on it, and St. Patty's Day decor hung around a few days longer than it should have.  Would you like to see what a rummaged around the house to put on it? 
 This hutch was built by my husband in the 1990's . I would love to paint it white , but I dare not do that because I know that I would want to change it back . But that is a good excuse to be on the market for another hutch to put somewhere. Lol. 
The top of the hutch never changes; there are Coca Cola crates and tins. I  collect a lot of advertising pieces .
  Well let's start with the top shelf. I pulled out yellow, white and orange Dollar Tree plates to adorn each shelf. 
 I stitched the small of Hands on Designs " Hip Hop Chalk Full" and finished it in a little serving tray that is painted white. I added some Dollar Tree flowers and a crepe paper carrot for embellishment. Next to it is a McCoy vase.

 In the opposite corner is the Dollar General drawers with some Dollar Tree greenery in it,  a little thrifted pitcher on a candle holder, and a glass basket with Lindy Stitches  Peter's Day Out that I finished into a little pin pillow.  

 I finished Peter using some scraps of Sandy Gervais's fabric and Dollar Tree baker's  twine. Can you tell that I love the Dollar Tree? 
 The second shelf is quite bare in by my standards but it will suffice . Lol. You know I like country clutter. 
 Last year, I  stitched the Stitching With the Housewives  "Peep" , "Hello Spring" and  "Crunch"  and finished them on a piece of old Home Interior plaque that I painted white. 
 A little rabbit sits with some  Dollar Tree carrots  in a thrifted bowl and Dollar Tree planter.

  In the opposite corner is a favorite thrift store find-a bunny tea pot elevated by a Fire King mug. 
 Now what's all the clutter on the bottom shelf? Lots more yellows and a bit of stitching.
  In one corner is  a stitched piece in a pretty orange frame, a stack of dishes, a couple of creamers and my juicer with a Dollar Tree bowl  in it .
 I placed an appliqued chick pillow and a hen embroidery  in the bowl. Click here for the hen embroidery called "Luv Chick".

 The house cross stitch was completed in 2018, but I can not remember the designer. Do you know the name and designer?  Oh I love this thrifted frame.  
A sweet porcelain hen sits in the McCoy vase and another hen rests in a small vase with some eggs. A carrot appliqued pillow is below it. 
 On top of my scale is a gifted bowl with my Bunny Hop in it.  

 The Spring Chick quilt is a recent quilt finish that I am in love with. Those colors are all "Me".  
After Easter, I plan to change the hutch decor into a Farmyard Spring vignette in reds and yellows. 
 Hanging from my hutch door is a galvanized bucket with Dollar Tree greenery. 
On the wall beside the hutch is some old advertising pieces and a barrel of faux apples. 
Annie Beez Folk Art  Spring Bunny freebie which I stitched last year is now fully finished and displayed on my lazy Susan.  
Well that is my Easter hutch in a nut shell. Do you change out your hutch seasonally? I did not change this one out until about 2 years ago. It is a fun to come up with a theme and make the changes each season .
Before you leave , I would love to share another little cookie with you. I made my stitch into an ornament/fob but it looks like a  little sugar cookie to me. 😀

This little stitch is called " Nesting Bluebird" . It is an itty bitty stitch measuring only 18 x 18 and on 14 count aida that only measure 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" .  Boy how I love the smalls. I have this one nesting in a little clay pot from - you guessed- THE DOLLAR TREE! 

 Click here if you would like to stitch this little cookie. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. Have a beautiful day. And as always...
Happy stitching and decorating, ya'll
Let everything you do , be done in love. 
HUgs and stitches



  1. Oh my! I LOVE your hutch decor. You are so talented to be able to put all those items together like that. Thank you for all your creative goodness! Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy for stopping by for a visit. Lol I've learned to stack and layer to try to stuff in as much as possible.It brings me a lot of joy to rotate the items out too. Have a happy Easter.

  2. Your Easter decorated hutch is a dream, Melisa! You have some gorgeous pieces there. Love those little china bluebirds and I have taken a fancy to the big yellow pitcher. Love all your cross stitch pretties, too. Here in Australia we don't seem to decorate seasonally like you do in America. Though we do for Christmas, of course. The Spring Chick quilt is adorable.

  3. Everything looks lovely, very pretty decorations.

  4. Thank you for the hutch tour! I love every piece. I especially love the yellow McCormick vase. The carrots in the last photo are adorable--as with everything else. I only decorate seasonally in the kitchen. I do not have a cool hutch in this house, but do in the other house where we have been building since 1998. I have a lot of things collected from relatives that have passed on that I will someday decorate with. Happy Easter!

  5. I live reading your blog! Your hutch is beautiful! Your posts are so creative and colorful! Thank you so much for sharing your love and passion of needlework with all of us! I truly love it! Happy crafting day!

    A Dancing Needle

  6. In the nick of time and so cheerful!!!
    Thank you for this and all your freebies. You keep me stitchin!

  7. Your Bluebird Trifle is adorable, Melisa! Thank you for the tour of your Easter Hutch. Looks fabulous!

  8. I love all your country clutter!!! I enjoyed the tour.

  9. Adorable, Melisa! You are ahead of me. I probably won’t decorate till Friday...just in time for our family Easter celebration on Sunday. But I will leave it up awhile. Have a blessed Easter.

  10. Sp many beautiful things to see. I don't usually decorate for Easter but I am going to start this year. I've started collecting a few bunnies to put out on display.

  11. Love it all! Many thanks for the pattern.


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