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Friday, August 19, 2022

Mystery Autumn Stamp SAL - Stamp 8 - Pumpkin Pie Stamp Freebie

Good morning, punkins.  Come on in and grab a cup of tea.  

Grab your apron too. 

We have baking to do. 

What are we baking? Well since we picked all of those pumpkins, I do believe we need a pumpkin pie . Don't you?  It is certainly one of my fall favorites. 

Two eggs, pumpkin spice .... Preheat the oven....  Homemade crust or store bought  ?   I do love homemade, but  store bought is great too.   I have a can of Libby's Pumpkin Puree  , but fresh homegrown pumpkins would be so much better. 

Today's stitch is called Pumpkin Pie.  

Mmmmm! My mouth is already watering.   Can you just smell the sweet pumpkin. 

If you would like to stitch Pumpkin Pie Stamp, please check out the link to the jpg below. 

Click here for the Pumpkin Pie Stamp. 

Two more stamps to go- one for the large piece and the other is a bonus. 

The dough bowl is filled with fall goodness. 

My latest candle is  Sweetie Pie from Dollar General. It smells heavenly. 

Are you ready for a hint about tomorrow's stitch? Gather all of your fruits and vegetables that you have harvested for this stitch.  Hmmm. Do you have an idea? 

Thank you for stopping by. Just relax and stitch and I will tell you when the pumpkin pie comes out of the oven.  

Oh , before you go. Instagram  is having a hissy and has not been letting me comment or  like some of ya'll's photos. I do not know exactly why. One website said give it 72 hours and maybe it will go back to normal. We will see, but I just wanted to let you know that I am limited on it right now. I am seeing your gorgeous stitches though. Thank you so much. 

As always....

Sometimes I have a number of needles threaded with different floss colors so that I can pick them up quickly and stitch. It certainly  makes the piece go quickly . So I thought I would tell you the floss colors that you will need for tomorrow's stitch in the PREP YOUR NEEDLES. 


898, 815, 919, 310, 3345, 469, 29, 435, 921 and 782 

Happy  Stitching and Quilting, ya'll


Thank you for the sweet visit. 

Pumpkin Pie fixes everything. 

Hugs and Stitches!!!!🤗🧵❤

Dedicated to my dear sister, Amy. I love and miss you so much.  " A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit and a golden thread to the meaning of  life. "

AUG. 18 post- STAMP 7 ACORNS


  1. Not a fan of pumpkin pie, but this one looks lovely. Happy Friday, Melisa!

    1. Aaah thank you so much, Robin. Lol We usually have pumpkin, pecan and lots of cakes come Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love pumpkin pie! So cute!

    1. Aaah thank you so much, Donna. It was such a fun stitch to create and stitch. Have a great weekend.

  3. I am having such fun and using very old cross stitch fabric for this SAL! I am two days behind, but life... LOL Can't wait to go to the garden and gather for the pattern tomorrow!

    1. Aaah I am so glad that you are enjoying the SAL and how wonderful to use vintage fabric. That makes it even more special . Lol we need loads of veggies for tomorrow's stitch. Thank you so much, Matty. Happy stitching.

  4. I love the smell of pies in the fall - pumpkin, apple, cherry, sweet potato .. yumm! Looking forward to tomorrow - I'm going to guess canning jars of summer's goodness :-)

    1. Aaah thank you so much. Lol. I love those pies too, but sweet potato- Oh my! Yummy. It is a favorite. When my daughter got married , we had the traditional wedding cake , but we had all kinds of homemade pies for dessert . They were gobbled up quickly

  5. Pumpkin pie, oh my, one of my all time favorites!! I can use a slice any time of the year, it does make all my troubles melt away! Don't know about tomorrow' poor small garden didn't do very well this year, way too hot and no rain until recently. I can't wait to see what you have for us to stitch. Enjoy your day, sending hugs from sunny Arizona.

    1. Happy Friday, Mary. Mom has to make 2 pumpkin pies during the holidays because we love them so much. Lol. I am so sorry your garden has been struggling. It has been a dry year. I was hoping we would get rain today, but it did not happen. Hugs and blessings.


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