Sunday, April 3, 2022

Dogwoods, Carrots , and Little Girls

Good morning, dear friends.   I spotted this little guy in my garden the other day. Maybe an Eastern Bluebird? Do you know?  He is a cuuuuuutie!


The dogwoods are blooming. 

Dogwood trees rank as one of my top favorite blooming trees. 

So in celebration , I pulled out my Dogwood quilt. 

I will be working on it today. It is a vintage quilt that I got at the Goodwill years ago. I work on it here and there putting in a few stitches. I love the greens in it. It is the closest big quilt to being completed. 

The little carrot quilt is also in a hoop. 

Well there is Beatrice photo bombing the photo. Lol. Beatrice is one of my newest stitches. 

I have been working on some embroidered blocks about my sister .


 I finished the 3rd block this past Sunday.  

Here are all 3 together. They warm my heart as I think of my sister. 

I will be working on the 4th block today. 


Earlier this week I finished this little freebie called "Spring is Springing" by The Merry Needle which is available on her blog in the March 28 , 2021 post. Lots of cute printable tags for the holidays are available on her blog as well.  I hope to fully finish it today. 

Well I am off to get into a lot of quilting and stitching mischief. I hope you are doing the same. Thank you, my friends for the sweet Sunday visit. And as always...

Happy stitching and quilting, ya'll


"Waiting in line is an opportunity to  meet people, daydream or play. "- Patch Adams

 I am joining these lovely ladies' link parties. I hope you check them out; they always have so many wonderful projects going on and provide the opportunity for other needle workers to meet.  

      Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday
Kate at Life in Pieces for  Stitching Stuff ( Sunday) 

Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for Oh Scrap - Sunday 

Beth at Love Laugh Quilt  for Monday Making

Judy at Small Quilts Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday
Lynette at What a Hoot!  for BOMs Away Monday
Linda at Texas Quilt Gal for To Do List Tuesday - Tuesday

Dedicated to my dear sister, Amy. I love and miss you. Sundays are always the hardest. 


  1. Sweet stitching going on at your place! Enjoy your time with needle, fabric and thread.

  2. He does look exactly like an eastern blue bird, he's so cute. Love the dogwoods, they always seem to bring such a lovely splash of color during Spring. Love your quilts and stitches. The series about your sister is so lovely. Looking forward to seeing more of them. Happy Sunday sweet friend. Wishing you many blessings. ((hugs))

  3. Lovely projects you are working on. Beautiful blue bird! Happy stitching!

  4. Oh, I just want to sit on your swing seat among all that stitching loveliness. Such a beautiful photo! Swinging in your seat, quilting your Dogwood quilt, while taking all the Spring beauty that is engulfing you would be the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Why, there is even a pretty little blue bird singing a song. Dogwood trees are indeed beautiful! How magical they are all beginning to bloom. Those little embroideries you are stitching in memory of your beloved sister are beautiful. They are going to look gorgeous all gathered together in a pretty quilt.

  5. I agree with all the above statements! I really can not think of anything new to add, I love all of the sentiments that you have portrayed. Makes me wish that we lived closer and that I knew you and your sister more. Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy all of your blooms and birds. Love and hugs from Arizona.

  6. That little blue bird is a glorious colour, and the Dogwoods in blossom are very pretty. Such a strange name, wonder why they are called that?

  7. Dogwoods are such pretty trees. That does look like an Eastern Bluebird (My Guy has lots of pictures of them). Enjoy all your spring stitching!

  8. What a cheerful post and that pretty little bird does raise one's spirit that spring is here. Dogwoods are blooming in Georgia and Alabama. They are just so beautiful. Enjoy your day of creating!!

  9. Yes to the Eastern bluebird. He looks like the one that has been tapping on our window. One pair arrived on Friday and a second pair arrived on Saturday. So excited because we haven't had any for a couple years. The Dogwoods haven't started to bloom here yet, but it is coming. Have fun with your quilting! Happy Monday, Melisa!

  10. Great photo of the dogwood. Mine won’t be blooming for about a month. The scrappy dogwood quilt was a great find. The embroidered blocks are sweet with nicely chosen floss colors. Enjoy your hand stitching.

  11. Love the photo capture of the bluebird!!! And all of your fun decor!!!!


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