Friday, September 30, 2022

Figgy Four Patch Friday and a Fall Freebie.

Happy happy Friday! Good morning , dears. You wanta sew, but you just do not know what.
 Grab some scraps and make some four patches. Make it a Four Patch Friday.!!!πŸ˜€ You can figure out what to do with them later. That's what I am going to do.  I have pulled out some greens to play with. 

Speaking of four patches, I just finished a wee fall four patch for my sweet Annie. 


She has been wanting a quilt to sit on as she rides the red rocking horse. 

I think she is happy . 


These four patches were made with 1 1/2" squares.  

A few weeks ago my uncle brought two bags of dehydrated figs to mom's. This was the first time that I had tried them, and let me tell you they were DELICIOUS! So for the last couple of weeks I have been raiding the fig bushes at mom's and at my sister's.  

I can eat them fresh right off the bush or dehydrated. They are like eating candy to me. 


 Earlier this summer, Mr. Pinker and I went to Lowes and found a Brown Turkey fig for $3.00 . We quickly snapped it up and brought it to the house . Well the other day I went outside and saw that it was looking a bit puny . For a moment, I thought it might be the heat and then it hit me.- Mr. Pinker must have been a bit slap happy with the weed killer .  "Yoo hoo, hon!" ,I said. "I see that you went crazy with  the Round up. My brown fig looks sorta sad". Mr. Pinker admitted  to the deed. We are hoping it will perk up as time goes on. Of course the plants that I want gone, are as happy as a pig in slop and growing quite well despite us trying to eradicate them. Lol. Oh well. We can get another next year. 

  Look at mom's fig bush . Oh so tall. 


The chicken weather vane on the old tall  mulberry stump  was made by my uncle. It used to be on my Nanny's barn. Dad has a matching one on his barn. 


Now this brings me to the sweet stitch that I finished this week- "Oh Bring Us a Figgy Pudding" which is a primitive freebie from Heidi @ Heidi_ Studio on Instagram and from her blog called All My Scattering Moments. Heidi posted this freebie on her blog in the October 15, 2009 post and on her Instagram as well earlier this year. 

I have several of her freebies completed and a few more to go. Heidi fully finished hers into  cute prim pillows with jute twine hangers. I hope you will hop over and visit her; she has the cutest blogs and a wonderful IG page. 


Many of ya'll know that I have been facing TECH WOES and have had trouble sharing my latest charts. 

Well let me give you an update. I finally figured out how to share a jpg with a link , BUT πŸ™„the jpg would take up storage on my computer where as before the charts were being created and uploaded by my camera and were not taking up any storage. So I am still in the same pickle.πŸ’»πŸ₯’ But I am going to look at the bright side, and that is many  dear stitchers have told me that they are able to print my charts from the images.  Here are some tips that I have been given.


πŸ’» 1. Right click. Copy and then paste to a document and then print. 


πŸ’» 2.Some stitchers have been able to email the image to themselves and then print it. 


πŸ’» 3. I have clicked on the image and then dragged it to Google Docs and then printed. 

If things improve, I will certainly let you know, but for right now this is how I am going to have to share.  Again , I apologize. πŸ€—

So with that being said, I wanted to share  Pumpkin Basket with you. 

 Just a wee basket filled with 2 gourds and a little crow. Great for a bowl filler or  an ornament. Wouldn't it be cute as a tag hanging from a basket?

 It would be a great companion piece to Pumpkin Picker which I shared last year.

 If you are interested in stitching, Pumpkin Picker try one of the methods above to obtain the chart, or you may know of another way ( Please let me know if you do. ) Thank you so much for understanding.

Well I have been long winded again.🌬😁 Thank you so much for taking time to drop by for a visit. All of those affected by the storms are in my prayers. Stay safe and as always...

Happy  Stitching and Quilting, ya'll


Thank you for the sweet visit. 

Produce great pumpkins! The pies will follow later. 

Hugs and Stitches!!!!πŸ€—πŸ§΅❤

Dedicated to my baby sister, Amy. Love and miss you, Amo.

 I am joining these lovely ladies' link parties. I hope you check them out; they always have so many wonderful projects going on and provide the opportunity for other needleworkers to meet. 

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  1. You have fresh figs! I'm so envious! They won't overwinter in northern Indiana and I'm too lazy to drag the tree inside for the winter. I've heard of people who bury their tree for wnter but that sounds very iffy to me. As usual, your cross stitchings are lovely, happy stitching!

    1. Oh how interesting, Gretchen . I did not know they were difficult to grow in Indiana. I don't think I would want to drag the tree in either. Ours have really put on this year and we have enjoyed them. Right now figs, muscadines and pears are ripe for the picking. Have a great weekend.

  2. I've never had dehydrated figs before - they sound good.
    I also right click on the pattern to save it but remember to change the name to the title of the pattern. I forgot to do that on many of the patterns and had to go back and change them. For some reason, my computer saves them as a photo so when I go to print, I copy and paste into my open office program by Apache and it prints it as a document and saves on ink. Hope that helps someone.

    1. Oh , Donna they are delicious. They are a lot sweeter than the fresh ones. Thank you so much for the tips on how to save the pattern . I will have to look up Apache. Have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching.

  3. Your mini Four Patch is adorable, Melisa! Thank you so much for the Pumpkin Basket deisgn!

    1. Aah thank you, Robin. I am all about four patches right now; they are quick blocks to whip out when I have very little time. I hope you enjoy the little Pumpkin Basket. Have a wonderful weekend and happy sittching.

  4. What a happy Raggedy Ann. Of course she loves her quilt -- you made it just for her! *wink*

    1. Lol , Susie , I will any excuse to make a new quilt and sweet little Raggedy Ann just looked so lonely without a riding quilt. ( hee hee) . Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for the sweet visit.

  5. What a delightful post! Enjoyed every bit of it from the sweet four patch for Dolly to the eating of figs and the sharing of patterns. You are so generous. I didn't know fig trees grew to be so tall! Leaned something new!

    1. Aaah what a sweet compliment. Thank you so much, Joceyln. You are so kind. I didn't know figs would get that tall either, but we have 3 that are huge. We have to get a ladder to get some of the figs. It has been a good year for them. Have a blessed weekend and thank you for the sweet visit.

  6. Figs - I've only ever had the dried commercial ones. I really enjoyed them, and ate and are them until I couldnt face them anymore. That's what happens when you turn into a figgy eating piggy, I suppose. Love the weather vanes, especially since they are family ones.

    1. Lol Jenny that is what I am doing. I can not get enough of the dried ones; they are so sweet and oh so yummy. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I have finally had a chance to get caught up on reading your delightful postings. Love your Clutter Hutch and the new items are darling. Thank you for the pattern, I click to save to pictures then I just click and print. Love everything in this post. Raggedy Ann and her sweet new quilt and figs, Wow. Sending you many warm hugs from sunny Arizona.

    1. Aaah thank you so much, Mary. I hope you enjoy this little design and I am so happy that you were able to print it. Have a beautiful week, my dear. Hugs.

  8. Hmmm I have never had dried figs... interesting!!
    But I love your 4 patches!!! fun!!!

    1. Oh they are so good, Alycia. If you ever have the chance I hope you try them, they are sweeter than eating them fresh. Thank you for the sweet visit. Happy quilting.


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