Tuesday, May 25, 2021

My Patriotic Tree and a Little Rambling

 Good evening, ya'll! It is a beautiful spring day.  Earlier I peeked out the window to see what might be on the bird feeder hoping to see the whole crew feeding happily together- The crew is 2 squirrels- Sandy and Squirrelly  , 2 very bossy Doves ( Dennis and Debra), a Indigo Bunting ( Lindy) , and Alvin my beloved Chipmunk that lives on my front porch. Well, Sandy was there as well as the bossy doves . So I quietly went to the door and eased it open trying to get a good photo. Sandy quickly dashed to the Sweet Gum tree .

 After scampering up the trunk and making a jump from one limb to the next, she soon  perched herself in the nook of the limbs watching warily hoping I would leave soon.

 "Sorry, Sandy. I just wanted a photo". Of course the bossy doves left in a  hateful flutter annoyed that I had bothered their morning meal.

 Well, I was about to go in when these 2 feathered friends  approached and began to have a hissy fit fluttering all about the porch  and landing in the tree limb above me. They were carrying on something awful. 

 It was clear that they were intent on staying put and for me to leave.  "Oh boy, ya'll are beauties. Can I get a few photos?" They politely obliged and then I went in the house so all would be content.  

Later I found out that they are building a nest in my fern. Well this is a dilemma because it is time for the fern's weekly watering. Hmmm I am going to have to figure out what to do. But in the meantime, I wanted to share these beauties. Love the male's coloring.Of course I love anything red and yes even birds!  I think these are House Finches.

 Now what can I name these sweeties ? Maybe Flo and Finley. 

I have been working feverishly on my 2020 Flag Quilt. 

This is the quilt that I pieced last year during the beginning of the pandemic. I was also making masks at the time and my sewing machine tore up during the big mask assembly line production. Oh no! I could not do without a sewing machine - not because I had a great desire to make masks, but I had a quilt going on. So I found a sewing machine online like the one that bit the dust and hustled to the neighboring county to snatch it up at Walmart. That got the quilt blocks back into production, but I was done making masks.  After the 4th of July last year,  I had put this quilt away.  I pulled it back out this month and completed the quilting on Sunday.  Time for the binding and it will be all ready by Memorial Day. 

The little raggedy white tree is all adorned in her patriotic decor. So I thought I would share that today.


 It is crammed full of all kinds of stitched pieces as well as red, blue, white and silver balls and stars. 


Many of ya'll know already I am not a minimalist. Lol and I like my tree crammed full.

Say did you spot the kitchen sink in that tree? 😆😃 

 I added a Dollar Tree America sign and Dollar Tree patriotic metal flowers and bows to the top as well.  


One of my favorite stitched pieces on the tree is Little House Needleworks "Stars and Stripes." It is always lovingly placed center stage. 

 There are  number of Lizzie Kate pieces  as well.

 I even pulled out my patriotic Santas .


 I stitch one every year . I stitched this Santa last year; it was a design sent to me from my dear friend, Joan . I just love this little guy. 


 I also placed my Red, White and Blue ornament on the tree.  It was an earlier freebie. 

At the bottom of the tree is a vintage  plastic Raggedy Ann and Andy that was my mom's . I have no idea where she got them nor do I remember them as a child but they are always out for display in my home. 


I thought  I would leave you with an itty bitty stitch. This is Old Glory, and it is teeny.

 I was going to make mine into a pillow but at the last minute decided to try to make a drum. This was my 1st attempt at drum making. It was fun, and I will try it again

  This will either land in my tiered tray or it may just stay right on the foyer shelf. 

Click here for the chart. 

Boy was I long winded today, but that is ok.  Well thank you so much my sweet  friends for visiting me today.  As always...

Happy stitching, ya'll



I love Old Glory long may she wave over America the homeland of the brave. 

 Hugs and Stitches


  1. So cute, I love the little drum. I will have to give this a try. Thank you, I look forward to your little talks and pictures. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Aah thank you so much, Mary;your sweet compliment warms my heart. It was so much fun trying to make the drum.I watched Vonna Pfiffer's tutorial and then just dove in with what I had on hand. Have a lovely evening, dear.

  2. I love your blog. Todays post is very patriotic. You make the best cross stitch patterns. I hope to stitch each one someday.

    1. Hi, Sandra. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and sweet compliment. It is a joy to share them with others who share my passion for needlework and small pieces. Have a very blessed day and thank you again for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. Happy stitching.

  3. "I am not a minimalist."

    LOL! You're so cute! :O)

    1. Lol thank you so much. My hubby jokes around with me all the time about how my seasonal trees are always so crammed full you can not see the tree at all. Any bare surface is a candidate for a knick knack at my house. Lol. Happy stitching, dear and thank you for the sweet visit and comment.

  4. Such beautiful red, white and blue items to display. Love the little stitchery, you are very generous with your designs!

  5. Oh Melisa, what a fun and inspiring post to read. Your flag quilt is a beauty. Well done! Love seeing your tree and some of your displays. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Everything looks wonderful Melisa. All your stitching is amazing ❤️ I just love your mum’s raggedy dolls ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Everything looks wonderful Melisa. All your stitching is amazing ❤️ I just love your mum’s raggedy dolls ❤️❤️❤️


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