Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Mr. McGobble - A Thanksgiving Freebie

Happy November, ya'll and welcome.  Halloween decor  is coming down and Thanksgiving decor is going up. Well at least in the kitchen it is. The rest of the house will be getting a good ole' cleaning, and I am going to start putting up Christmas very soon.  

I thought I would share the last of my Thanksgiving freebies for the season. EEEh or should I say Gooooble!

 I am so excited to introduce to you Mr. McGobble. Oh I think he is the cutest!!!! 

 I had such a fun time stitching this little guy . Of course , he is sporting his Pilgrim attire . He is hoping to be a guest  at the feast and not on the menu of course.  

I stitched Mr. McGobble on 14 count aida that tea/coffee dyed. I then whipped this little guy into a pillow. I used yarn I got from Walmart years ago and twisted it into a cording for trim. 

I did make a slight change that is not on the chart.  CHANGE : I added 1 extra stitch to the brim of Mr. McGobble's hat on the right side so the brim would extend 2 stitches from his precious little head. 


If you would like to  stitch this handsome gobbler, I invite you to check out the pdfs below. 

Many of you know , but I always like to leave this little disclaimer.  

I stitch my little designs for fun and to decorate my home. I feel very blessed by this community and love sharing my little charts, but I am not a professional designer. And I do not have professional software. Thank you for understanding that I  have to put each page on separate pdf downloads because of the devices I use. I apologize for that.  And I am always grateful for your kind encouragement , your visits, and stitching my little designs. 

Click here for the instruction page. 

Click here for colored and symbol chart. 

Click here for page 1 of the Enlarged Colored Chart. 

Click here for page 2 of the Enlarged Colored Chart. 

Click here for page 1 of the Black / White Enlarged Chart. 

Click here  for page 2 of the Black / White Enlarged Chart. 

Mr. McGobble has found his way on my hutch  for Thanksgiving. I have been bustling around all day working on the kitchen.  My sweet friend Shelly gifted me the darling  orange basket and Be Thankful towel. I was so excited to add it to this year's decor.  I can envision the orange basket being used in  my Spring decor too.  Thank you , Shelly. 

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? It certainly is one of my favorite holidays. Family , friends, good food- what is there not to love.
Thank you again, my sweet friends for the afternoon  visit.   I hope that you have a very lovely evening and your November is filled with many blessings. As always...
Happy stitching, ya'll
What if today we were thankful for everything? - Charlie Brown
Hugs and Stitches !!!
Love ya!!!

22 days until Thanksgiving ! 

Dedicated to my sweet sister, Amy. I love and miss you , Amo.  You always made the best potato salad for the holidays. ❤❤🦃


  1. Buenos días Melissa, me gusta tu pavo¡¡¡¡, aqui no es tradición accion de gracias, ero me gusta verlo en tus bordados y en las seies de tv.....algunas ya clasicas, como friends, Freiser, Moderm Family. Eres muy generosa con tus pdf, y espero con ansias que hagas alguno de Navidad para poder bordarlo yo.....

  2. So thankful for you and your kindness in sharing this! Thank you!

  3. Mr. McGobble is mighty tempting to stitch, even though I have moved onto Christmas stitching. I don’t decorate for Christmas tilll the first of December, so there is still plenty of time for him. Thanks again for another adorable design.

  4. This gobbler is darling (?), I do believe that he will be a guest and not on the table,LOL.
    So thankful for your sweet designs, they are keeping me busy!!! Hugs to all

  5. I’m stitching All your houses!!! You are my hero!! Wish I had your talent! Molly in Texas———❤️🌺 house 🪡🧵🏠🏡🏘️


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