Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Buzz Buzz- A Little Bee Freebie

 Buzz, Buzz, my dear friends. That means welcome in bee talk. Lol Happy Tuesday. How are you today? I hope you are staying busy and are doing something you love .

 I feel as though it has been quite awhile since I have visited with you though it has only been five days. Lol. The weekend was very busy . I have to say  pool time and family time ruled the weekend. 😀🏊

I did work a bit on Blackbird Designs Antique 1861 Sampler. I am using the floss that I have in my stash, and I am loving every stitch of this design.  This stitch is in The Friendship Way book. 

This will probably be my last post for the month of June - which makes me sort of sad , but I am also happy because I am fixing to hit the wide open road for a 2 week camping vacation . Where does this gal go when the weather gets hot -No not the beach but the desert! Lol. I think I am up for a new adventure though we will probably be visiting some of the same old spots. 

Well today  I am so excited to share with you another real quick stitch that you can finish in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  Now that's quick isn't it?   This stitch is called Buzz Buzz! 


In a previous post I told you about finishing 4 small bee stitches in a day. This is one of them. 


 I FFOd it on a piece of rough cut scrap plywood hornbook that my hubby cut out for me . I decided to paint it  white for a light summery look. 

I am loving how the finish turned out.  If you would like to stitch it , please check out the pdfs below. 

Click here for colored chart. 

Click here for black and white chart. 

Once the patriotic season is over with I hope to place my bee stitches on my hutch or buffet with lots of sunflowers.  


Buzz Buzz looks so cute with the Bee Sampler and Home which were freebies that I posted earlier.   Other bee charts that I have posted are The Bee Keepers  and Bees, Blooms and Chickens  , Beelieve in Freedom  , and Aunt Bea's Summer Home   .  Just click on the names to visit those posts.  

Thank you for stopping by, sweet friends. I will talk to you in 2 weeks, but you can always pop back by for a visit and maybe a quick  little stitch. As always...

Happy stitching, Ya'll


Kind words are like honey- Sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. 

Hugs and Stitches


  1. Have a wonderful vacation camping!

  2. Your buzzy bee stitchery is sweet. Have a wonderful time on your vacation, Melisa!

  3. You are just a busy bee!! Cute cross stitch! Have fun on your vacation. Take lots of pics!

  4. Love your bee designs. So cute. Have fun on your camping trip.

  5. Oh, I am jealous of your camping vacation. My son is camping now and when he returns, we have a little trip planned that I can go on with him. Up to the high country for this girl, summer in Phoenix is very toasty. Love your Buzz stitchery. Have a wonderful time, we will be here to hear all about it when you return.

  6. That is so so cute--there is a bee sampler in the summer issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Magazine by Teresa's Primitive Treasures which is calling your name

  7. Have a wonderful camping trip. I think I might have to print down a couple of these bee ones and take with me on my vacation trip to see family in a few weeks. Thank you.

  8. "Two shakes of a lamb's tail." My dad always said that! Haven't heard it in so long. Thanks for the smile!

  9. Oh boy, another bee design. Thank you. I plan to replace my patriotic with the bees too. Now why would you head to the desert this time of year?! I live in Southern CA (Mediterranean/dry climate). We have many trees and flowers but, during those occasional summer days we hit 100, everything fries. When I think of desert, I think cactus, heat, and SNAKES. Maybe your idea of desert is different. Have a wonderful relaxing time where ever you land. Patty McDonald

  10. Hi Melisa, beautiful stitching and wonderful finishing ideas. Your such an inspiration. Have a fabulous vacation 💖🐝💖🐝💖

  11. It's so cute, love it! Have a wonderful vacation!

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  13. Les petites abeilles butinent les fleurs du jardin.
    Merci pour ce joli modèle, c'est leur rendre hommage à ces ouvrières..
    Amitiés de France,

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  16. Enjoy your adventure! Very fun Bee stitching.


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